Our Dogs

We currently share our lives with three Airedales and one Russian Black Terrier,having sadly lost four of our companions in the last 18 months,three Airedales – Sally(Shadlian Uessay),Billy(Shadlian Red Sox) and Tiga(Shadlian Tiga) and a Russian Black Terrier – Rio (Lisander Zingara with Shadlian) all of whom gave us much pleasure and unconditional love over the last 12 years and are sorely missed.

Sally was the inspiration for those great “Wooliedales” created by Carol Usher in Vermont,USA.

The Airedales

Fizz(Shadlian Bindaree) who is a beautiful daughter of Shadlian Uessay had a short show career and has since blessed us with beautiful puppies including…

Dilly(Shadlian Pink Cadillac) who we are now preparing for her show career.Dilly’s father is Ch Stargus Devil Wind over Tebross.

Tula(Shadlian Texan of Northstar) our yankie girl – a very athletic!!! Airedale and a joy to live with.A daughter of Harley(Am Ch Tartan Scottshire Ultraglide) and Talon(Majestyk’s Northstar Talon),she joined us here in England in 2005 from the Northstar Kennel in Texas and is great niece to Shadlian Uessay.

The Russian Black Terrier

Stolie8-05Stolie(Shadlian Silver Dollar),daughter of Gigi(Moskvorechie Antey) and our own Rio(Lisander Zingara with Shadlian).She is a great companion sees it as her duty to look after us and in return expects a minimum of generously buttered toast for breakfast!!!

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