Growing With Dogs
From a very early age I was surrounded by dogs. My father bred and raced Greyhounds. Then when I was about 9 or 10 years old he began breeding and showing Miniature Poodles under the affix “JANLAINE“. As time went by with more and more dogs to trim father decided I should go on a course to learn how to trim. My teacher was impressed at the way I applied myself to it, so whilst still a schoolgirl I was working for her at weekends. I then started trimming for myself,after school and at weekends and ran a profitable business until getting married. Then along came children, three of them,so trimming had to be fitted in between the kids. and When they were old enough we decided we would like a dog to complete the family…but what breed?!!!

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall in a secluded cove we met a fisherman mending his nets. He had a large,wonderful dog called “Sebastian” and yes, he was an Airedale. He played all day with the children and his temperament was wonderful so an Airedale Terrier it had to be!

The Seeds Are Sown
On our return home we began the none too easy, task of finding an Airedale to introduce into our family. Eventually we were introduced to Millie Kington of Searchlight Airedales who had a bitch in whelp to her stud dog. We had a look at the litter and ordered a dog puppy. He was to become “Benson” better known later as “Janber Mr Rinjee” At the appropriate time he was taken to a local terrier man to be trimmed He suggested that he might make a show dog.

So we took him to training nights and entered him for his first championship show, which happened to be the Airedale Terrier Centenary Show in 1976. Benson won Junior Dog and lots of trophies and you’ve guessed it … we were hooked!!!

The Shadli Kennel
Benson went on to many more wins and we went on showing a succession of dogs and bitches under the “SHADLI” affix. Making up many champions here in the UK including Shadli Classy Charmer who attained 9CC’s and 11 RCC’s and was top Airedale in 1984. We also exported dogs some as champions, some became champions in their new homelands. Our dogs went to the USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Denmark and Germany. For many years we ran a successful breeding & showing kennel. Jan trimmed and prepared the dogs. During that time we also bred West Highland White Terriers and Briards including “Shadow” (Shadli Sharbrette) who we made up to champion.Jan is a championship show judge and awards Challenge Certificates in Airedale Terriers and is also involved in Airedale Terrier Rescue.

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